What is the purpose of women? Having babies? If you think so you should know that those days are long gone, and the majority of women in our days prefer to focus on their career before they actually have a family.

There are many celebrities in this situation, such as Jennifer Aniston. Although she plays the role of a desperate woman who wants to have children in her new upcoming movie, in the reality she is far from this concept.

There are some people who say that this is the reason for which her previous marriage ended: she simply isn’t up for babies yet.

Celebrities and Parenting

According to Cameron Diaz, the arrival of a baby changes a lot of things in the life of women and she likes her life the way it is at the moment. She finds gratification and happiness in other things in life.

Such a change should be really well thought of, or it should be a total mistake, either way the results would be the same.

Although some of the famous ladies might have a partner, they still aren’t thinking about motherhood. This is the case of Eva Mendes. She claims that she loves children, but there are some things that she loves more, like sleeping, and she is known to worry a lot so this combination doesn’t make her the perfect material for motherhood.

Although a lot of people are getting married and having children around her, Jessica Biel still stays strong and says a definite ‘No’ to them. Nonetheless with her breaking up with Justin Timberlake, the girl is not going to evaluate the possibility very soon.

Rupert Everett takes things even further saying that he would never adopt a child, for the kid’s sake. He thinks that he or she would be uncomfortable having two fathers.


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