The English Royal Wedding is covering a lot of paper considering there are only days left in the countdown.

If the media rejoiced in covering yet another fairytale where the prince chose a common girl for a bride, the public has to notice a pattern here.

William of England is not the only one who chose to marry a common girl who conquered the hearts of his people with her brilliant mind and lovely appearance.

The crown heads of Europe and Asia went even further in love and married divorcees, people of humble conditions and even mothers, all in the name of love.

English Royal Wedding

Felipe of Spain fell in love with Letizia. She was a news lady, previously married but that did not stop the prince’s love.

Queen Rania of Jordan was a career girl too. The beauty and why not the business degree of the lovely Rania conquered prince Abdullah. They are happily married with four children.

English Royal Wedding

Daniel, prince of Sweden was nothing but a personal sports trainer. Victoria, princess by birth fell in love with the man that helped her fight anorexia. Lovely story isn’t it?

Mette-Marit of Norway was a lovely single mother when prince Haakon fell in love with her. In spite of the raised eyebrows of the family and public, they married and she became the future queen.

Obviously, the blue blood of the royal families around the world is all about stepping over tradition when love is in question. Could it be faith or just self preservation?


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