1. The exotic – Wai Lin “Tomorrow never dies”

wai lin tommorow never dies

Exotic and dangerous – These are the two descriptions of Wai Lin, the heroine from Tomorrow Never Dies. The actress Michelle Yeoh was the most adequate choice for the role, for Bond needed just a girl like her to partner with on the big screen.

2. The sophisticated – Vesper Lynd “Casino Royale”

vesper lynd

Eva Green’s role in Casino Royale has really made her famous. The Bond girl that looks more sophisticated than ever was the right choice of the producers. Nowadays Eva Green is one of the most desirable women in Hollywood.

3. The naughty – Pussy Galore “Gold finger”

pussy galore

When Pussy Galore said to Bond that he can turn off the charm, for she is immune, Bond remained speechless for the rest of the movie. Maybe that’s why the actress Honor Blackman is still known as one of the most spectacular Bond girls.

4. The sexy – Honey Ryder “Dr.No”

honey ryder

Hen Ursula Anders has made the sexiest role in the cinema, going out of the water in this bikini, anyone was clear that this was the most sexy woman ever in the Bond Saga. So far, no other Bond girl is able to compete with Ursula.

5. The kickass – Halle Berry “Die another Day”

halle berry

Halle Berry and her body were the main reason why millions of people have seen Die Another Day. James Bond needed a girl with a temper, so he got what he wanted – Halle in her kickass role for Die Another Day.


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