The romance movies are the next bestsellers after Sci-fi so it comes as no surprise that the large majority of them launching in 2011 are already seen as blockbusters.

Ladies and gents, buckle up for a romantic ride. Here are the best you should look for this year:

No Strings Attached

Romance Movies 2011

You may have already seen it but if you are on a lookout for a funny heartwarming romance to rent on Friday evening the story between to people falling in love because of random sex is something you should enjoy.

Jane Eyre

Romance Movies 2011

The remake of a classic on a more frightening tone gets us a more daring Jane and a sexier Mr. Rochester.


Romance Movies 2011

And they went on and made the most beloved Disney into a movie…Set in the modern time with a cast made of young and hot hopes of Hollywood, this beauty & beast is too corny not to be loved.

This Means War

Romance Movies 2011

Cute but full of action this summer romance following the battle of two pals for the same woman is meant to make you have a good time.

Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn

Romance Movies 2011

Long expected, longer talked about and most of all covering and impressive amount of press before launch, makes this perhaps the most expected romance of the year. Too bad that this year we will see only half of the finale.


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