Charlie Sheen was shown the door from the very popular sitcom Two and a Half Men. So, does this mean that he has fallen on bad days or looking at leaner paychecks?

charlie sheenFar from it. It seems that the media can’t have enough of him and his ranting interviews are proving to be TRP gold mines for the channels.

He has been bad mouthing his bosses and all the while sounding incoherent as if he was high. The questions of substance abuse and even mental disorder have been raised too.

All this doesn’t seem to have affected his popularity. He is now being paid an undisclosed sum (the highest ever, if rumors are to be believed) for his tweets. The sponsors,, were definitely happy as they received 160,000 hits and more.

There have been plenty of endorsement offers. Even if we do not blindly believe his agent, Liz Dalling’s claim of $1 million offers, it would be safe to believe that the actor can easily work on endorsement deals for 5-6 figures.

He may have lost face in front of his employers but not so with brands who are willing to pay big bucks to have him endorse them. Mega endorsing bucks may not materialize but plenty can be raked in for paid tweets and Facebook statuses.


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