We love fairytales and so does Hollywood. Lately, the trend has made itself felt and the Grimm Brothers’ work became an inspiration for the movie world.

Do you remember “Ever After” and “Star Dust”? We saw there Drew Barrymore playing a soft Cinderella and Claire Danes in the cutest posture of a charming falling star.

drew barrymore

Do you think they were hot? How about “Ella Enchanted” and Anne Hathaway doing a musical so funny and so sweet that grownups wanted to be kids again.

We have to mention “Enchanted” with so much Disney in it that only Amy Adams made it better with her natural charm and seductive smile playing the Giselle of a modern world romance.

amanda seyfried

With Amanda Seyfried playing an older, sexier, more gothic Red Riding Hood, the fairytale inspiration started to call for grownup fairytales. Thus there is no wonder that Kristen Stuart is going to play an alternative Snow White. Do you wonder who will play the Prince?

kristen stuart

We loved “I am no. 4” and the cute new hunk playing the hero, but this is not about him. “Beastly” will be released this summer and our cutie will be the Beast. Vanessa Hudgens is out to play “Belle” the beauty able to heal the curse set on a vain modern male socialite.


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