We seem to love the famous beautiful people more than they love themselves or one another for that matter.

The debut of 2011 has not proved to be a lucky time for many famous couples. After Justin and Jessica calling it over, it seems that the match made to last between Bradley Cooper and Rene Zellweger is also at the end.

Bradley and Rene

The two were sure in love and after two years of dating people were expecting a proposal from the A-team/Hangover hunk. It seems that the pretty blonde grew tired of waiting.

The socialite grind spoke of them growing apart from one another and simply not having much to talk about.

We know Bradley has been working hard lately, being on the road a lot promoting “Limitless”. Rene is surely not the girl to stay home and wait and maybe her relationship history taught her that if something is not made to last, it is pointless to be continued.

The beauty of this breakup is that completely untypical for Hollywood, they simply ended it saving the public from drama. It seems that they were not only a smart couple but they are also smart people.


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