St Patrick’s Day is certainly the most famous Irish Holiday. The green land of Ireland and its traditions were brought to the American shores and with them the myth of the typical Irishman. Smart, feisty, enjoying life and of course very much catholic the type was represented in the movies creating very charismatic characters.

1. Jack Donaghy – 30’s Rock

Irish Movie Typologies

The corporate wolf, with a seductive smile and a small stress eating disorder, Jack is not only funny but also completely annoying. Good thing that in the end of every episode he says something we love.

2. Priest Vallon – Gangs of New York

Irish Movie Typologies

He is the very substance of the typical Irish warrior ready to rise a rebellion and kill in the name of the church and for the sake of his” flock”. More of a fighter than any man of God, this son of Erin would certainly make you think twice before crossing him.

3. Dr. Perry Cox – Scrubs

Irish Movie Typologies

Very Irish from the red curls to the drinking and anger issues, this doctor was surely cute enough to last so many seasons.

4. Horatio Caine – CSI: Miami

Irish Movie Typologies

The cool and smart Irish detective calm but witty, is actually impressive because of his light relaxed look and Irish style strength of opinion.


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