We are accustomed to see the blonde diva stand out for the strangest of reasons but the stolen cake story is ridiculous even for her.

Long story cut short, the most famous socialite, Paris Hilton, changed the 20’s for 30’s. For this high glam event, the diva ordered a cake able to fit her glamorous image.

paris hilton

Red, decorated with roses, a pair of cat eyes looking at you and having “Paris” written on the top layer, the infamous cake looked so delicious that somebody was compelled to steal it.

The fabulous party which was held in Paris’ honor hosted no less than 300 guests. To everybody’s surprise, the fabulous cake was just presented and nobody, the birthday girl included, thought of serving it to the guests.

A very creative party crusher under the name of “Spaz” saw fit to not let the pastry jewel go waste. Said and done, he grabbed the cake and disappeared in the proverbial sunset.

paris birthday cake

You can only imagine the surprise, the stress and oh…no the horror of being cake-less and the shock felt by the IT girl we all know and…love.

Poor dear, she could only say that it was a huge surprise she did not see coming. The point is did she see coming the publicity covering the event?


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