The age of SciFi is promising a significant succession of blockbusters for 2011. The beauty of it is that we are expecting not only heroes but also complex intrigue, psychological wars and a lot more than the basic invasion movies we know so well.

One by one these cool new stories will approach patterns but also new unexplored topics. Let’s see which are the coolest movies we can look forward to in 2011.

We are accustomed to see Marvel push forward a new fantastic story every year and this year is no different. If Thor is something we know already about, X-men first class is surely something to think of. Since a sequel would have pushed the note too much, Marvel created a prequel. We will see mutants battling the evil on sets looking like the 60’s; so it should be interesting to watch.

x men first class

I am Number 4 brings forth the oft exploited on the screen, Alien wars topic. A teenage adventure with superpowers involved will surely launch a few new names to be adored by the public. The battle is about a special kind of freedom and involves survival issues. You can imagine the public will go wild at the site of cute aliens fighting mortal enemies and loving earthlings. Who knows maybe the cute aliens will end the rain of cute vampires.

i am number 4

Paul is something in between creepy and fuzzy. However the adventure of two Scifi fans in their quest to reunite a lost alien with its mother ship will be something adventurous and funny. You can expect the unexpected because the little alien is nothing like ET and the geeks are much more than geeks normally are in the movies.


Now is a movie about eternity. The creepy notes of a crippled society able to negotiate living time for money, ruled by the rich who can afford paying for extra life years, will sure have audience. The movie will raise a lot of question marks with a cast made to make it a success. The topic is not new but it was never pushed so far before this movie.

From “Red Riding Hood” and the fairytale made horror to the Transformers franchise able to reinstate the success of Alien robots meant to bring the doom on Earth, the SciFi movie industry will make us dream once more while thrilling us to the max.


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