Everyone has a role model, even Miley Cyrus. The problem is that the teen singer has an eccentric role model or she just wants to be interesting, after she didn’t win anything at the Grammies. Miley was bashed after she chose to wear inappropriate for her age outfit.


Yet, the singer revealed that she loves Snooki and her behavior. It may sound strange for many people, but Miley admitted that she is obsessed with Snooki’s behavior. The critics pointed out that Miley should find another role model to follow, considering her failure on the Grammies. Yet, we must really understand Miley.

The singer is trying desperately to be as shocking as her inspiring role model Snooki. The truth is Miley should stay as her public wants her to be – something very, very different from Jersey Shores star Snooki.


After she revealed that she wants to be Snooki, Miley has admitted that she has asked Snooki for an autograph. The funny thing is Miley was playing cool as she said that she has seen her “Saturday Night Live” spoof and she finds it amusing. Is this true, no one really can tell, only Miley, but so far her announcement simply speaks of bad taste.


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