When love ends, it all gets messy. The latest Hollywood story is about the battle between Halle Berry and the father of her child Gabriel Aubrey. American actress Halle Berry temporarily puts aside her professional projects to focus on fighting for custody of her daughter – two-year old Nahla. The actress is said to experience serious concerns for the welfare of Nahla.

gabriel halle

Halle is concerned that Gabriel isn’t providing enough care for her daughter. The couple split last April and although it seemed they have reached a friendly agreement for the good of Nahla, Halle now has decided to refer the matter to the court for the sole custody of the child.

The agent of the actress has said in a statement that she will make all necessary steps to protect her daughter. According to the statement, Halle is trying to resolve all issues with Gabriel in a friendly manner, but he is refusing to agree on her suggestions. That is why the court will decide who will have the custody of Nahla.


To prepare for the upcoming legal battle, the 44-year-old actress decided to refuse participation in the film “New Year’s Eve”, whose pictures begin this week. Her role in the movie was given to Katherine Heigl.


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