“Pretty Little Liars” is the latest teen favorite on the small screen. It has always been compared to another teenage favorite show “Gossip Girl”. The two shows besides being adaptations of novel series have plenty of features that are strikingly similar. Both the series are about privileged kids who behave like erring adults.

pretty little liars vs gossip girl

Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family show whereas the Gossip Girl has sent TRPs flying for the CW Network. Though PLL is still new it is giving GG a run for its popularity.

Here is a comparison of both these shows listing out the many similarities that they have.

Both the shows have unknown techno friendly stalkers that follow the rich kids around. Gossip Girl is the stalker who blogs about the adventures and misadventures of the group and even uses her mobile to post quick blurbs, similarly “A” sends in threatening text messages and also breaks into their homes in the PLL series. This unknown stalker sometimes puts things right and sometimes messes around their homes.

pll vs gg

Both the shows have nice successful girls who don’t seem to be doing anything much and yet seem to get the best of everything. Be it Emily from PLL or Serena from Gossip Girl. All they seem to do is be really nice to all those around them and happen to be on the Swimming team or get accepted in Ivy League school.

Both the shows boast of creepy nerds who are on the wrong side of tracks. Toby from PLL is shy and quiet and supports his blind sister while leering for Emily. He loves to discuss favorite rock bands over coffee. Gossip Girl has Dan Humphrey who leers for Serena and yes he is an intellectual writer. His favorite coffee table conversations center on French Nouvelle Vague films.

pll vs gg parents

The other similarities include illicit affairs with adults, parents who are too self obsessed to know what their kids are up to, bohemian friends who add spice to the already spicy potpourri and the quintessential bitch who returns from the dead to make their life miserable.

Both the shows even have popular girls who are both fighting with inferiority issues which lead them to either turn to things like shop lifting and throwing themselves at boys or hatch revenge schemes and outrageous outfits. The rich kids from both the shows don’t seem to know anyone who is poor.

With plenty of scandals and dirt they are both the current craze for teenage TV viewers.


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