American football is surely close to religion in US. Hence there is no wonder that the movie industry has a certain taste for bringing into the picture the heroes fighting for victory.

So far, many movies have covered special characters, special events, dramas and happy endings all related to the mighty Super Bowl. Still, before “The Blind Side” and the Oscar won by Sandra, none of the productions built around this sport got this far towards the critics’ acceptance.

any given sunday

“Friday Night Lights” brought back a trend of following a team victory dream, “Rudy” covered the dream of a talented young man and “Any given Sunday” focused on the drama of the game results and business.

“Jerry Maguire” followed the game behind the game with all the complexity of contracts and agents while “Waterboy” made the public believe in the miracle of being an ordinary man able to do extraordinary things against all odds.

forest gump

We liked the football part of “Forest Gump” because of the same type of innocent example, and so many loved Keanu in “The Replacements” which proved that football is sometimes more than just sports and money.

The bottom line is that football as a sport has more fans than we might think. Add to this a set of talented actors and a smart script and you will get a blockbuster.


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