1. Ghost


Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze are the leading actors of the movie that shows love can be eternal, even after death. Ghost shows a tearful and yet optimistic love story of passion and strong feelings.

2. Prelude to a kiss

Prelude to a kiss

This is another successful Meg Ryan movie, but Alec Baldwin also helps in making this movie popular. A very romantic movie, Prelude to a Kiss will make your Valentine’s Day special.

3. Twilight


Twilight has nothing to do with reality, but if you are fan of the modern fairytales, just go for it. Don’t expect sensual scenes. Twilight is a movie about an impossible love between a vampire and a human.

4. Casablanca


There is no other movie that shows such a class. Casablanca will be always a masterpiece, not only because of its plot, but because of the actors. Humphrey Bogart has made the role of his life, not to mention the famous quote of the movie: Play it again Sam!

5. Titanic


This isn’t only a love movie, actually Titanic is so popular because of its plot based on the real case. Titanic is epic and yet, very dramatic. It must be seen, especially if you are person who does not believe in love.

Don’t expect it’s all going to end like in the fairy tales. Titanic has a bad end and that’s why it is so close to our reality. The basic truth in the movie is one: if you love someone, you are ready to risk your life.

6. 50 first dates

50 first dates

Now this is a romantic comedy that will bring mood on any date. In case you are wondering how to make your other half feel better, just take 50 first dates on DVD. It is a light and funny movie that will make you believe in true love and destiny.

7. Pride and Prejudice

pride and prejudice

The English novel Pride and Prejudice has finally made its way to the big cinema. This is one of the most romantic English theme movies that answer the eternal questions: Is there a place for pride when we are in love?

8. An affair to remember

an affair to remember

Old is gold, so don’t hesitate to spend a retro Valentine’s Day with this amazing movie. An Affair to remember is a dramatic, chic and very deep movie.

9. The notebook

the notebook

One of the most romantic movies ever made is all about loving others no matter of what time can bring you. The notebook is very proper for Valentine’s Day, but don’t watch it, if you are single. It will surely make you cry.

10. Ten things I hate about you

10 things i hate about you

Sometimes between love and hate, lays a tiny border. This movie is all about hating and loving someone at the same time. Shakespeare style…of course.

11. You’ve got mail

youhave got mail

One of the most romantic movies of all the time is about meeting the right person over the Internet. The movie is still a masterpiece, no matter Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks look too young to be true.


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