1. Gossip Girl – change of partners

gossip girl

It is not about cheating, when it comes to Gossip Girl. It is actually a lifestyle, which is promoted by the TV show.

2. Desperate Housewives – bored but creative

desperate housewives

Now…these women will never age, never give up and never end with one husband. Despite most of them having husbands, cheating is something normal, especially if you are bored desperate housewife.

3. Sopranos – because they were expected to


Sopranos is a TV show that gives an example, when it comes to family. According to this example, any wife should be silent, when her man is cheating on her. Of course she can cheat too, but that is only a question of time.

4. Melrose place – everybody slept with…well almost everybody

melrose place

Melrose place is a TV saga that has no end literally. Therefore, the bored heroes and heroines have nothing to do except cheating on each other. In case you are following the show, perhaps you have noticed it is difficult to remember who slept with whom. So, cheating is something normal, if you are living a life just like in Melrose place.


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