Though Forbes lists the rankings of the top earning actresses in Hollywood on an annual basis, that list is not really accurate — an actress does not even have to be in a film to be on it.

In tallying their totals, Forbes uses the income that these actresses derive from their side deals — endorsements, commercials, and other work.

money actress

So if we were to go by this data, Angelina Jolie wins Most Overpaid by a landslide. Without even releasing a movie, Mrs. Brad Pitt made over $20 in the year 2010.

Her endorsements and residuals did better for her while she slept than most actresses make for enduring 12 hours of cramped trailers lol no nice Hollywood leather sectional sofas here and sex scenes with lecherous co stars.

A new system must be formed. If an actress is to call herself an actress, then she should be judged on her acting alone when tallying totals for the Most Overpaid.

The bottom line is this: If an actress makes good movies that bring in the bucks, then her fee, no matter what it is, is worth it. If she does not, then she is overpaid. By this standard, the list of Most Overpaid Actress may look a little different than what you might expect.

Let us see who actually the Most Overpaid Actress on the planet is.

Kristen Stewart

Coming in at number 10 on the list at Forbes, the Twilight star earned $12 million over the period used by Forbes to tabulate earnings. $12 million is not much these days for a top Hollywood actress, so she would hardly be the Most Overpaid by this standard alone.

kristen stewart

One must also consider that Rotten Tomatoes gives her a lifetime 49 rating, which is actually decent for them, as they tend to not know their own opinion half the time. Kristen might actually be worth the salary she pulls, but she has perhaps the longest time of any actress on this list to become grossly overpaid.

Drew Barrymore

Earning $15 million over the Forbes period, the long since grown E.T. actress made her directorial debut this year, and scored major production points on “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

drew barrymore

Can’t really say she is overpaid, because Not Into You was a hit, and she has a 55 average on Rotten Tomatoes, just slightly below the venerable Meryl Streep.

Angelina Jolie

Though she did not make a film during the Forbes period used to calculate earnings for the list, Jolie also made her directorial debut this year.

However, in terms of pure acting, she is the lowest ranked by Rotten Tomatoes so far on this list, and as stated before, she took the entire year off, easily making her the Most Overpaid Actress by far.

angelina jolie

I have only heard of one deal in all of entertainment that was better – the purported $25-40 million that Conan O’Brien was to receive from NBC for not working. He didn’t take it, thank God, or we might have had to put HIM on this list. And yes, I know he’s male, but that would have just been too much.

Sarah Jessica Parker

With a slightly lower rating than Jolie, $25 million made, and no films made this year, say hello to our new Most Overpaid Actress so far.

sarah jessica parker

Jennifer Aniston

Made more than Sarah J. ($27 million) but scored higher on Rotten Tomatoes. So congratulations, Jennifer, you’re not the Most Overpaid. Good luck on the love thing.

jennifer aniston

Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz

With $37 million and $32 million earned respectively in 2010, these two bombshells earned a higher ranking than Parker, so they’re out of the running.

reese witherspoon

cameron diaz

Sandra Bullock

How did you earn $56 million in 2010? Speed 2? Hello?! Although she has won Oscars, her overall ranking on RT is a miserable 41. So twice the money for half the performance — congratulations, Sandra, the Most Overpaid Actress of 2010.

sandra bullock


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