Hollywood’s new obsession is surely all about the movies with horror notes. After the Twilight mania, this year will provoke the fans of the magical fairytale movies with two brand new potential movie hits.

season of the witch

The second movie that promises to be a blockbuster is the Season of the Witch. It is a movie about the medieval legend of the Crusades and its biggest star is Nicolas Cage.

He and his movie partner Ron Perlman are playing crusader knights that are going to face serious troubles by escorting a witch to a mysterious abbey. The movie was released this month and it surely deserves to be seen despite the bad reviews and the exploited plot.

The first one is of course about a werewolf based on the Grimm Brothers fairytale. The Red Riding Hood is going to be released in March this year and it promises lots of action to the viewers.

red riding hood

Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman team up together to show us an innocent girl possessed by a bad blood sucking creature. Surprisingly Gary Oldman isn’t the bad guy in the movie. Among the producers of the Red Riding Hood is Leonardo DiCaprio, which is yet another surprise.


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