Movie world likes bad girls. The trend of placing hot actresses in this type of roles created the concept of femme fatale set out into the world to seduce and corrupt the daring hero.

These heroines have no issue as politically correct actions are concerned. They are the steel knife hidden in the proverbial velvet glove. They don’t hesitate to kill, crush hearts and destroy worlds to reach their purpose. In short they are the women all men secretly crave but fear too much to love.

The witch: Monica Bellucci – Sylvia

monica bellucci

The “Brotherhood of the wolf” was all about gothic stories and supernatural thrills. However Sylvia, played by Monica Belluci was the most seductive tempting Italian courtesan all about intrigue. Sexy and evil without scruples, the beauty poisons Fronsac, kills a girl and does anything to destroy the hero’s purpose.

The comic book dark lady: Sienna Miller – Baroness

sienna miller

The G.I Joe comic book inspired adventure introduced a brunette version of Sienna Miller as the sexy, black widow style, Baroness. Perfectly fit to kick ass, ruthless, determined, complex and evil to the bone, the dark love of the cool Destro would do anything to crush him. She is extremely hot in her black leather outfit and she sure can do a lot of damage without any sign of remorse.

The tormented hater: Rosario Dawson – Gail


Sin City had its share of bad girls but Gail, the prostitute squad leader is surely something else. The sexy, bone crushing, dominatrix was played by Rosario Dawson. She gave life to an unscrupulous character ready to kill anyone and destroy anything that stood in her way.

The opportunist babe: Tia Carrere – Juno Skinner

juno skinner

Tia Carrere is somebody we are used to see in sexy roles. A babe that played treasure hunters impersonated a wicked creature out to hunt the True Lies hero. Unscrupulous, feisty, extremely intelligent and out to grab as much money as possible, this one surely was something else.

The psychotic warrior: Famke Janssen – Xenia Onatopp

xenia onatopp

Bond bad girls are perhaps the most notorious evil babes in the world of the movies. Xenia Onatopp was the hottie Nemesis of the Golden Eye James Bond. Long legged Famke Janssen was all she could be as a trigger happy psychotic spy. No wonder she is still considered one of the most evil bad girls.

The killing machine: Angelina Jolie –Evelyn Salt


Angelina Jolie is a world known babe and we seldom saw her in a bad girl role. She is an action movie star and playing the evil undercover kill machine known as Salt suited her unexpectedly well.


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