1. Thor


This is another Antony Hopkins movie that is going to rule the cinemas in July 2011. The movie is about an ancient legend, filled with violence, action and of course happy ending.

2. Green Lantern

green lantern

Despite having seen many movies about green heroes, this one promises a lot more. The Green Lantern is going to be released in June, 2011 as the leading role is played by Ryan Reynolds.

3. Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

The third part of the Twilight saga is one of the most expected movies of 2011. The premiere of the Breaking Dawn is in June, 2011.

4. Cowboys and Aliens

cowboys and aliens

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are the stars in this movie that is said to be a real masterpiece. Obviously it is going to be something between Indiana Jones and James Bond. The movie will hit the cinemas on 16 July 2011.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger tides

The last part of this tremendous saga is going to be released in the beginning of 2011. The movie is expected to be a block buster as it promises a lot of action, fine actor play and of course lots of comic situations.


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