1. Crockett and Tubbs

crockett tubbs

They loved each other in Miami Vice and that was obvious. Their friendship was filled with dangerous situations, fast cars, drug dealers and expensive suits, but Don Jonson and Philip Michael Thomas have never split.

2. Michael Western and Sam Axe

michael westen and sam axe

Now these two are male couple that can be called questionable, but according to their roles, they are just two same-minded friends. The Burn Notice has made them famous, so friendships like this one are now popular.

3. Sean McNamara and Christian Troy

sean mcnamara and christian troy

Nip and Tuck’s stars are a fine example of what is called bromance. They went through a lot, but despite that their love is eternal.  They have shared anything and everything – money, work, women, etc. Even though it looks like a gay love, but we can really say that Nip and Tuck encourage the bromance trend.

4. Sam and Dean Winchester

sam and dean winchester

The Supernatural is a very famous TV show now, but Sam and Dean Winchester are perhaps some of the most famous brothers on the television. Like it’s said: there is nothing like bromance brother love, especially if you have to fight dangerous creatures.


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