The 83rd Oscar’s ceremony is heading towards being the White Oscars this year.

The nominees for all the acting categories are white with no minorities included. In fact almost all the major nominations are Caucasians. The last time it happened was almost a decade ago, when all the acting nominations went to whites in the 73rd Oscar Movie Awards.

83rd oscarsThe major reason attributed to it is the lack of substantial cinema related to minorities. There were no serious movies handling the ethnic background unlike last year. As Gregg Kilday, film editor observes hardly any substantial cinema is being made irrespective of color.

The previous awards had seen serious contention by nominees Mo’Nique and Gabourey Sidibe, thanks to hard hitting movies like “Precious”. This year saw no serious or Oscar worthy movies made with an African American Background.

Much is being said about the theatrics that are part of the Oscar Nominations.

Critics like VanAirsdale have gone as far as to comment that basically the Oscar teams are “lazy group of viewers” and will view only what is shown to them or more so marketed to them. It is quite true that multimillion campaigns are waged in order to garner Oscar nominations.


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