1. Sandra – the most likely to bright up your day

sandra bullock

Sandra is surely an America’s sweetheart and it is impossible not to like her. The Oscar winning actress is one of the most positive looking actresses in Hollywood.

2. Meg – the lightheaded and romantic

meg ryan

She is the bespoke Queen of the romantic movies and a favorite of generations. Recently she didn’t make new movies, but her old ones are still enough for her to be praised as the actress that can make your day brighter.

3. Kate – the fascinating sexy crazy cool

kate hudson

Though she isn’t a fan of the romantic comedies that carried her to the stardom, Kate is one of the most fascinating actresses in Hollywood. Her presence in movies like Bridewars and How to lose a guy in 10 days have brought her fame and of course the love of her fans.

4. Julia – the fascinating look

julia roberts

When it comes to Julia, we can all remain speechless. She is an eternal beauty that proves her talent in all types of movies, but yet she will always be Vivienne, her character in Pretty Woman.

5. Cameron – the unforgettable sweetheart

cameron diaz

Cameron can boost with an amazing body and sex appeal. She is perhaps the sexiest romantic comedy actress and she shows no sign of giving up this title, despite having reached 40.


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