The superhero movies are no longer the same. This year the movies based on comics are not as cool as one would expect. Actually the genre seems to have lost the sparkle bringing on a repetition rather than a new concept.

It seems that the movie scene is far from getting creative. The Hollywood has used these recession years with productions praising supernatural powers; and the Marvel heroes were there to entertain our need of seeing miracles happen.

The trend however faints before the extremely repetitive story. The heroes of 2011 are far from being original. They are continuing the trend that feeds the imagination but special effects are the only things spectacular about them. What if, even they leave a lot of room for improvement?

the green lantern

The Green Lantern is a movie made by the director of the Casino Royale Martin Campbell and it promises a lot of action. The Green Hornet has similar plot and the director Michel Gondry has made a success with his previous movie – the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. These two films are showing superheroes with special powers.

the green hornet

The Green Lantern is gifted with the ability to do or create anything, while the Green Hornet has a talent for all kind of combats and he possesses the finest technology money can buy.

Another common thing between these two movies is that the leading actors are both Canadian. Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern, while the Green Hornet is Seth Rogen.

The third superhero movie, Thor is also based on comics, but the difference is that the movie is filled with big actor names. Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman are part of the cast, which is the only reason why Thor will boost with more viewers. As special effects go…there is too much plastic in there.

As critics say, the hero movies of this year will be all about repeating the same old stories. Marvel surely tries its best but the topics remain the same.

How is Green lantern different from Superman and what makes Green hornet stand out more than Iron Man or Batman? The answer is… nothing.

As the Northern myth goes, the decors and the amount of cheap kitsch design of special effects for the sake of special effects don’t promise anything more than perhaps a future game story that will salvage the trend.


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