The Hollywood related magazines have made a habit of nominating belles and hunks as the best looking creatures of the screen world every year.

2010 is no different. However we cannot help but notice that there is a certain battle of generations going on and as surprising as it may seem the road to the top is paved with surprising choices.

Julia Roberts

julia roberts

We are used to see Julia on the charts and despite the fact that it is her charm and talent and not her looks that keep her there, we are still glad to see her still being considered a babe.

Leighton Meester

leighton meester

The Gossip girl star is surely pretty and worthy of being in the top. And the public too loves to keep her there.

Channing Tatum

channing tatum

Handsome hunk and quite of a screen heartbreaker, Channing is the face and muscles that raised many sighs out of the girls’ chests this year. The “Dear John” romance pretty much signed his card for the hunk hall of fame.

Gerard Butler

gerard butler

Gerard needs no introduction. And his hot looks, sexy voice and the cool roles he had this year, pretty much did the job for his fame.

Who will win the race? Whoever does, we must admit it is fun to see the generations fight over the hearts of the audience.


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