Harry Potter saga is no longer the movie with the biggest box office. Surprisingly the animated musical Tangled has won out over Harry Potter in the cinemas. Only for a weekend Mandy Moore’s Tangled has won nearly $ 96.5 million, while Harry Potter’s last part is a real disappointment.

harry potter and deathly hallows

This time the company of Walt Disney has won. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was number one at the weekend box offices a week ago.

Tangled has its debut a week later and it is already a blockbuster. Of course the Harry Potter Saga is placed at No.2 this weekend with nearly $17 million.

This figure may sound high for you, but compared to all other parts of the saga, it is not a good result for the producers of Harry Potter.


The results of this weekend box offices clearly show one thing: the world has gone tired of Harry Potter’s never ending stories. Maybe it’s time for a change and that’s the animated musical Tangled gets the first place in the cinemas.

Yet, those two movies are about magic, which shows people still want to dream, no matter of their age, location or sex. The tendency for adventurous animations in the cinema is going to continue.


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