Christina Aguilera is a very talented singer and actress, but when it comes to Cher, there are few women that can really be compared with her. The reason is one – Cher is iconic, no matter what she does. Those two women are now involved in one project, the scandalous movie Burlesque.

christina and cher

The movie is all about feeling sexy and desirable, so we believe these two women really can teach us about it. Otherwise, if Christina has to be compared to Cher, the result isn’t going to very pleasant for the singer of “Genie in a bottle”. Cher is truly a legend and she has inspired generations of women, when it comes to attitude, fashion sense and of course talent.

cher and christina

After more than 50 years on the stage, Cher has won almost anything, from Oscar to Grammy. Yet, the singer has an impressive style and we can see that Christina is sharing the same fashion sense.

xtina and cher

Christina is often seen to dress like Cher, when it comes to eccentric outfits. It’s obvious, that they both like to wear mini black dresses and provocative mini shirts. Yet, Cher is unreachable, when it comes to sexy outfits, while Christina surely has what to learn on this topic.


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