Ashley Greene

ashley greene

The Twilight star wasn’t that famous before the scandal with her nude pictures, but this doesn’t matter. The first time we saw Ashley Green naked was over the Internet. The second time wasn’t illegal, because Ashley made a naked picture for a green organization.

Many people see a good PR in this scandal, but Ashley seemed to be offended, despite the fact that her popularity grew after the naked pictures.

Britney Spears

britney spears

The nudity wasn’t a problem for Britney. After all, we have seen almost everything, when it comes to Britney. The biggest scandal related to her was when her naked pictures were published in an internet site without her permission. It was at the beginning of her career, when she was still the sweet Disney star and a role model for many people. Yet, the pictures were showing Britney without underwear and she got many new followers. So, we can really say, the scandal made her even more famous.

Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse

According to many of her fans, the naked pictures aren’t a big deal, but she was very upset, when a naked photo of her leaked last year. The singer has made the photos for her husband at that time, but somehow the pictures reached the Internet.

Jamie Foxx

jamie foxx

His nude pictures are probably worshiped by many of his lady fans, but he really got pissed, when they leaked in august 2009. The pictures were taken many years ago, but still Jamie didn’t feel very comfortable about them and apologized to his family.

Kayne West

kanye west

Kayne West isn’t very shy, so his naked pictures weren’t a surprise for anyone. His naked pictures leaked in the beginning of this year and they were really detailed. Moreover, according to the rumors, they were taken by a girl, with whom the rapper spent a wild night.

Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan

She has been involved in many scandals, so probably her nude pictures are nothing compared to the rest of the scandalous things in her life, but yet her nude pictures leaked in internet without her permission. She was about to sue the hackers, but that never really happened.

Paris Hilton

paris hilton

The heiress was really upset, when her naked pictures burst into a public domain, but they were nothing compared to the sex videos she got before; so really this wasn’t a big deal. Yet, Paris was said to be very angry, despite the fact that she has done the naked picture and allowed them to be published.

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus

The very “shy” singer and actress is also involved in a nudity scandal. At the age of 18 she made a very controversial photo shoot for Vanity Fair. This year the famous star reporter Perez Hilton has posted a naked picture of Miley, which she has made by herself.



Last year wasn’t very easy for the singer, especially when it comes to her personal life. First she got beaten up by her boyfriend and second – her nude pictures were all over the internet. The singer admitted she took the picture by herself and sent them to a boyfriend, who later sold them very successfully.


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