These two couples are famous and very, very rich, but when it comes to reality, surely Jay-Z and Beyonce is the couple that stayed closer to the people. The Beckhams can’t be defined as down to earth people, for they are leading a lifestyle that is too luxurious and demonstrative.

beyonce and jayz

On the other hand, Beyonce is going to lose part of her fame of a normal and shy girl, because she is said to present her husband with the most expensive car on the earth, which is a clear sign that the singer loves her glamorous lifestyle and is satisfied only with the most expensive things.

Victoria and her husband on the other hand are clearly a couple that is related to the high society and their behavior isn’t that free and open. That is why, so many people don’t like the Beckhams. Yet, the Beckhmas have their fans despite their distant behavior.


Despite Jay-Z and Beyonce are more likeable, they don’t have children yet and even the slightest rumor for a future has been declined.

So, compared to the Beckhams, who have 3 children, it is a shame that Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t have any. Yet, the crowds adore these two couples, despite the fact they are so different.


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