1. Jesse James – the worst possible husband model

jesse james

This year wasn’t the best year for Jesse James, but he definitely deserves the label “worst husband”. After he cheated on Sandra, they got divorced. Now Jesse has a new tattooed girlfriend, while Sara is devoted to her son, Louis.

2. Mel Gibson – from hot to horrid, the path is bumpy

mel gibson

Mel Gibson is surely not a good example to follow. This year he crossed all the moral borders as he was said to beat his now ex-wife Oxana. Mel is also a huge fan of alcohol, so he should really behave.

3. Paris Hilton – drug addict or just publicity

paris hilton

We certainly don’t know whether she is a drug addict or she would simply do anything just for a PR, but Paris is also a bad idol to worship. This year she was accused of using drugs and too much booze, but she doesn’t look like a drug addict. She just seeks any possible way to be in the yellow pages, which isn’t quite a healthy fame.

4. Charlie Sheen – booze, sex and party a.k.a worse possible choices

charlie sheen

Charlie is a good actor, but a really bad example to follow in life. He possesses all kind of bad habits, all of them linked to booze. Another favorite hobby of his is to change the woman. He is said to be the actor who slept with nearly 20000 women in his life. This year he was caught drunk, accompanied by a striper that later accused him of violent behavior.

5. Heidi Montag – dumb choice of self improvement

heidi montag

This girl needs a therapy, not just another plastic surgery. Hedi was a very cute star before the session of surgeries that got her addicted to the intervention. She is said to have had over 10 interventions, including bust, lips, heaps and even bottom corrections.

6. Jeremy London- drug addict or pathological liar

jeremy london

There is no doubt that Jeremy London isn’t one of the most loved stars in Hollywood. This year the actor was accused of many bad things, but what really counts is that he is a pathological liar, according to many of his friends. Another bad thing that Jeremy did this year was taking drugs.

7. Lindsay Lohan – how stupid can you be?

lindsay lohan

This year was a total disaster for poor Lindsay. She has lost almost everything- her job as an Ungaro designer, her fame, her father and most of all – the respect of the public. Let’s hope next year she will try to stay away from the booze, the drugs and the scandals.


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