Action movies as we know and enjoy them have been around for a few decades. The concept of action packed motion pictures keeping audience enticed and eager for an unexpected resolution developed certain types of movies. The movie industry reserves a few of this kind of projects for each year and 2010 was not different.

Let’s see which movies kept our adrenalin to maximum this year and who were the characters that kept us intrigued.

1. The Green Zone – military action style

green zone

We are used to see Matt Damon in action packed motion pictures. So it was no surprise to see him in 2010 acting in an Iraqi war themed military adventure. The hero seeking the truth about a delicate political matter had something out of the “Bourne Identity” franchise.

2. Iron Man 2 – comic book hero

iron man 2

The Iron man made a comeback this year with even a huger bang in the box office. Robert Downey Jr. was a little more down to earth and he had an even more picturesque villain to fight in the person of Mickey Rourke.

3. Clash of the Titans – antic legend

clash of the titans

Full of special effects, the mythological inspired hero quest, redefined as stylish and spectacular classic Greek tale. Sam Worthington continued the Avatar success and played Perseus.

4. Prince of Persia – Sand of time – the fairytale

prince of persia

Now, if 2010 had a taste for spectacular and exotic, this game inspired movie surely met the standards. A dashing hero and a beautiful princess, as much action as one can handle but also a happy ending, made this modern fairytale in a huge box office success.

5. Book of Eli – the apocalyptic world

book of eli

The story taking place on the scorched Earth where scavenge hunt and cannibalism were a way of life, needed a hero able to deliver a mysterious book to the place where it should be remembered. Denzel Washington played again the complex character in the service of good.

6. Knight and Day – spy style action

knight and day

Tom Cruise got us used to seeing him playing the righteous rogue spy related character. This time he teamed with Cameron Diaz in an action movie filled with surprises and complex intrigues but also a bit of fun and romance.

7. The Sorcerer’s apprentice – magic and the faith of the world

the sorcerers apprentice

Far from being a Harry Potter copycat, this one had practically all one can expect from a magic tale transferred in the modern times. Nicholas Cage and Jay Bacochel teamed up to destroy evil forces and made the audience witness unexpected situations.


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