We are used to seeing famous people look their best and it is only natural to expect them to always look so, because we put them on a pedestal where it is hard to stand straight over the time.

The beautiful people that meet celebrity and become icons for the society are expected to never grow old and stay forever true to the image they sell.

Even with all the help of plastic surgery, time forgives no one; so the beloved celebrity icons become a not so pretty image when the years go by.

1. Brigitte Bardot – The French Beauty Failure

brigitte bardot

She was one of the sexiest divas of the 80s and her blonde vixen look was something women copied and men dreamed of. Her sexiness was her trademark but with all of her best efforts she could not fight the time. Nowadays the ex diva looks more like a hag than a princess.

2. Marlon Brando – The Hunk Is No Longer Here

marlon brando

So many women sighed at the sight of Marlon Brando and the fit hunk that ruled the screen with his amazing talent and superb body was a dream giver and a male standard. His acting was outstanding till the day he died but his looks were pretty much destroyed with time.

3. Sharon Stone – Even Sex Bombs Grow Old

sharon stone

She was one of the first actresses to go nude in a cinema movie and she dazzled the world with her attitude, intelligence and sex appeal. Sharon surely was one of the hottest babes in cinema. Nowadays she looks more like an old hippie drug addict. Seeing her without make up is not a pretty picture.

4. Val Kilmer – Sexy Guy Became Chubby Uncle

val kilmer

The hot sexy body is no more. The former “Saint” is so far from his renowned fit figure and of course even farther from being the dream object of women. The handsome Val is more like the next overweight chap you see on the streets and his sexy abs are history. Too bad to see a male icon becoming the ordinary human being whose looks go unnoticed.

5. Kathleen Turner – The Hottie Looks Like An Overdosed Nanny

kathleen turner

The 80’s were for Kathleen a glorious time when she was one of the hottest divas. Very beautiful, with an amazing hair and seductive look that made men go mad; she was one of the most beautiful creatures on the screen. Alcoholism and arthritis made her look like she does today…an old nanny from the suburbs.

6. Jack Nicholson – The Wicked Lovely Became Not So Lovely Picture

jack nicholson

Jack never was the most handsome fellow but he was an attractive man that conquered with his appeal and bad boy eyes. The cute devil is nowadays a fat pops you would not want to get near of and also not the guy you would want to take anywhere. The aging was not kind to Jack and if his talent remained untamed his looks went downhill.

7. Jamie Lee Curtis – The Smoking Hot Body Went Sloppy

jamie lee curtis

She was the image of the sexy aerobic trainer inspiring all the women in exercising. Long sexy legs, beautiful skin, amazing posture…this woman made guys go nuts with her movements. The sexy Jamie, got fat and gave up on exercising so the age factor did a lot of damage. Too bad, coz she sure was  something to look at.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Politics Does Not Agree With Posture


The man with a record cinematography and also the heavier hero of the Golden Age of 90’s action movies went for politics and gave up on Hollywood appearance. It is strange to see a bodybuilding champion known for his outstanding shape becoming a large granddaddy – aged and not exactly trimmed. It seems age caught up with Arnie before he knew it.

9. Goldie Hawn – The Babe Became The Funny But Not So Sexy Appearance

goldie hawn

Goldie and her amazing style, cute face and sexy body was one of the most amazing creatures of the screen. It is said that Kate Hudson takes after her mom as looks but Kate has surgery and the latest generations in beauty aids while mom has just the time that passed. Goldie was amazing in her youth but lost the will to stay amazing. Nowadays she is a funny presence – just an old lady not looking cool.

10. Keith Richards – The Guitar Hero Nothing But An Odd Looking Old Man

keith richards

Keith never was the handsome devil, but he sure had a lot of women fall for his rock star image. The point is that the sexy guy that cruised the world driving groupies mad is now old and strange looking with a very nasty habit of still wearing make-up.

11. Elizabeth Taylor – The Hollywood Diva Now On Wheelchair

elizabeth taylor

The diva with the purple eyes was one of the most outstanding beauties of the screen. Her unique appearance and extremely wild temper made her an icon of Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor is now an old lady, wearing too much make-up, too sick to walk without a wheelchair but still loving the attention. She wears wigs, heavy fabric and jewelry and somehow does not realize how sadly grotesque she looks.

12. Nick Nolte – The Talented Looker Went Down To Look Nasty

nick nolte

Handsome young man with many success movies, a cool guy that made women sigh became with age a man with not much to show for. Nick looks like he simply stopped carrying about his looks and also fell into bad life habits that did a lot of damage to his health. The actor lost all his shine and became just a regular man looking like he had too much to drink.

13. Kirstie Alley – The Supermodel Body Replaced By Huge Figure

kirstie alley

Kirstie was a true beauty. From hair to toes her whole creature was everything a woman would have wanted to be. Today the actress has lost the battle with the pounds and she is just another huge American dame. It is really too bad because she still is a funny and entertaining talented woman. The age did many wrongs to Kirstie and she didn’t care much.

14. Mickey Rourke – The Sexy Bad Boy Became Creepy Looking Old Guy

mickey rourke

Mickey was famous for his feisty attitude and tough guy roles but the days he was known for his hot looking appearance are long gone.  The actor got fat, got plastic surgery, got trimmed again but the result is a creepy looking guy you would not want to have near.


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