1. Michael Jackson

michael jackson

He will always be in the hearts of his fans and it is a well known truth. Michael Jackson is dead, but his popularity grows even more. His official Facebook page is now one of the most visited in Facebook. Nearly 10 million people are fans of his profile in Facebook, which is a sign that his fame is eternal.

2. Lady Gaga

lady gaga

Lady Gaga, the scandalous singer is one of the most popular celebrities on Facebook. Her page in the social network is the second most visited page after Michael Jackson’s fan page. Gaga’s fans are almost 9 million and the singer doesn’t stop to surprise them with new photos and songs, which she posts on Facebook. In this matter, she is the most popular living person in Facebook and only for a year her fans grew with 3.5 million people.

3. Megan Fox

megan fox

Ever since she made her iconic role in Transformers, she is one of the most loved actresses. Teens love her; and despite the fact that she doesn’t have any other significant roles, her beauty and charm has made her one of the leading celebrities in Facebook. Nearly 6 million people are her fans on this social networking site.


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