Kirsten Dunst and her brother Christian

kirsten dunst & christian

They both look almost the same, but the fame in the family belongs to Kirsten. This doesn’t bother her brother and they still hang up together for shopping.

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

jessica & ashlee simpson

Though Jessica is more famous, Ashlee also has an amazing career and she surely followed Jessica`s example. Now they both enjoy the fame as singers and celebrities.

Vanessa Paradis and her sister Alysson

vanessa paradis & alysson

Though she isn’t famous like her big sister, Alysson is also a pretty French girl. So far, she doesn’t like to follow the example of her sister and leads an ordinary life.

Leighton Meester and brother Lex

leighton meester & lex

They are an example, when it comes to relations between brother and sister and it is obvious they love each other very much.

Paris and Nikki Hilton

paris & nikki hilton

These two girls are not only super rich heiresses, but they are also famous and beautiful. The Hilton sisters are more than friends; they party together and share the same interests.

Lindsay and Brother Michael Jr.

lindsay & michael jr

Many people would say that these two aren’t very close, but actually they are still best friends.

Miley Cyrus and sister Brandi

miley cyrus & brandi

Miley’s big sister isn’t that famous, but she surely has a share of Miley’s fame. Brandi is the one that works on her sister’s image and doesn’t stop giving her useful ideas.

Maggie and Jack Gyllenhaal

maggie & jack gyllenhaal

Both of them are famous and have many things in common. So far, the brother gets more attention, but their careers will show who will be more famous.

Kate and brother Oliver

kate & oliver hudson

Kate likes to relax accompanied by her brother Oliver, who isn’t famous like his sister, but this doesn’t matter; they both enjoy the time spent together.


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