They both grew on the movie sets and they both knew the price of the Hollywood fame since little children. Dakota Fanning and Emma Watson are now two of the most successful teen stars and their movies are block buster for millions of dollars.

For many people being a Hollywood star since the age of 10 isn’t very acceptable, but these two girls did it without any whims or false poses.

They are just naturals, despite their millions and despite the fact; they don’t need to work simply because they have lots of money, in fact money that can give them a lavish life style.

emma watson

Emma is officially one of the most successful Brutish actresses and she is now the official face of Burberry. At the age of 20, Emma was already a millionaire.

Dakota has made a furor in the U.S. and she grew up with the biggest names in Hollywood, but this didn’t make her any different from her school mates.


She goes to a public school and her best friend is Kristen Stewart. They both made Twilight one of the best movies in the recent years.

In real life, Dakota and Emma have many things in common. They both like being normal girls and enjoy going out with their friends. Alas, being a Hollywood actress is a challenge and it changes your life, but these two girls surely know how to keep themselves real and natural.


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