1. Leap Year

leap year

This movie didn’t make it to the bestseller list of Hollywood, but it surely left behind the warm hearts of the lovers that saw it. Romantic and funny, this is one of the best movies that Amy Adams has ever done in her career. The plot is simple – two people that can’t stand each other fall in love in Ireland. This is more than a standard love affair, you should see this movie.

2. Dear John

dear john

It is a movie that reminds the Hollywood masterpiece The Notebook, but it is a bit different and even more romantic. Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum are perhaps the best romantic movie couple of the year and if you watched the movie you will surely agree.

3. When in Rome

when in rome

She and he have lots in common, but it looks they are different. She is obsessed with her career; he is obsessed with his career. She is single, he is single. The plot – they meet on her sister’s wedding and ever since, their life changes, just because Rome contains little magic for everyone; and the movie is all about it.

4. Easy A

easy a

She wasn’t very easy, but being in high school requires different skills. The typical high school comedy is also about gaining and losing respect of your friends, lots of comic situations, a dose of teen love and of course, happy ending. The rest should be seen in the cinema.

5. You Again

you again

When 5 women have a problem, it is surely going to be hell. In You Again the problem is about a woman, whose brother will marry a girl that bullied her in high school. So she decides to tell the truth about the bride-to-be to her brother. In the meantime her family isn’t exactly a stereotypical American family, so be prepared for a lot of action. Of course, at the end, it all works out, but surely this is the movie that deserves to be called one of the best romantic comedies in the recent years.

6. She’s out of my league

shes out of my league

This movie has one question: What happens if the perfect girl falls in love with a loser? The answer is going to be surprising and you will surely find it in this romantic comedy, which proves that love is blind. “She is out of my league” is also about the values and the power of love. Therefore, this movie goes in the list of the most romantic comedies of 2010 and you really must see it.


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