1. Claustrophobia – The Panic Room

Jodie Foster has always been one of the best performers in Hollywood. Her role in Panic room was as a mother trying to protect her daughter from her phobia – the claustrophobia or fear of tight space.

the panic room

This is one of the most common phobias and therefore, people who have it can’t stand elevators or tight space. The good thing is that in the movie all came to a good end.

2. Agoraphobia – North By North West

This movie was released in 1959. It was produced as one of the first attempts to film one of the biggest phobias – the agoraphobia. The name of the producer was Alfred Hitchcock.

north by north west

Yet, this movie is called classic, because it was first to represent the fear of open and public spaces.

The Hollywood legend Cary Grant was given the leading male character, which was another good step to the success of the movie.

3. Agoraphobia – Days Of Heaven

In 1978 Richard Gere has made one of his biggest roles exactly in Days of Heaven. The movie is now labeled as an absolute masterpiece. Days of Heaven told the story of America in 1916.

days of heaven

This is a year of growth for the nation, but it is also a year of changes. The story is about a man (Richard Gere), who had nothing and a woman who loved him.

Of course there is a classical love triangle and it doesn’t end in a way you could imagine. The producer of the movie did one thing to enrich the effect of the move- he put agoraphobia in the movie, where the action is entirely in an open space.

4. Pediophobia – Child’s Play

The term pediophobia means fear of dolls and believe it or not, it is a real phobia. The first to display this phobia was the director of the movie Child’s play Tom Holland.

He made a real furor with his movie and now Child’s play is an absolute classic, when it comes to horror movies. The plot of it is about a girl that gets her favorite doll.

The bad news is the doll is actually alive and it is very gruesome. Even if you don’t suffer from pediophobia, after watching this movie you are probably not going to want dolls around any time soon.

5. Ophidiophobia – Anaconda

This phobia is actually a common one and it means the fear of snakes. The ophidiophobia is common because millions of people find snakes scary and not likely to be the best pet.


Therefore, Anaconda is so popular movie. The bad news is if you really suffer from ophidiophobia, Anaconda will not going to help. Actually, better don’t watch it.


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