1. Sookie Stackhouse – Anna Paquin Playing The Daring Human

True Blood’s leading actress is Anna Paquin. Surpassingly, she is an Oscar winner and her presence in the vampire saga wasn’t expected at all.

sookie stackhouse

Despite the Oscar, Anna creates a very real image of Sookie Stackhouse, a human that fell in love with a vampire. Anna herself is now a married woman and her husband is the actor that plays her screen lover – the vampire Bill.

2. Elena & Katherine – Nina Dobrev Playing Both The Troubled Human And The Evil Vampire

The Vampire diaries have turned into a super popular show. The main heroine Elena is played by Nina Dobrev, a young Bulgarian-born actress. Nina is playing Katherine and Elena, both in love to the Salvatore brothers.

elena & katherine

It isn’t a surprise, that the rumors link Nina and Ian, the actor that plays Damon Salvatore. According to many, they are happy couple in real life.

3. Bo – Anna Silk Plays The Kick-Ass Succubus In A Nasty Looking World Of Supernatural Things

Anna Silk is one of the most attractive actresses that play heroines surrounded by supernatural powers. Bo is her heroine that is always seeking the truth in her own way; she is a fighter and a survivor.



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