1. It is called one of the most successful horror movies ever. Try to watch in the night of Halloween, you will surely start to get suspicious about some strange noises in your kitchen. “The night of the living dead” is a movie masterpiece, especially in such an occasion.

the night of the living dead

2. “The Ring” starts mysterious and then it gets messy. The movie is praised as one of the biggest horrors ever made in Hollywood. So, turn on the lights, while watching it.

the ring

3. The “Silence of the lambs” is a movie classic and so far, it’s the best in the genre. Don’t miss out to make your Halloween even scarier with the brilliant performance of Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.

silence of the lambs

4. Devil’s possession is a bad thing. Therefore, “The Exorcist” is a movie only for people with iron nerves. In case you want a really scary movie, watch the Exorcist and you will see how 12- year old girl got possessed by the devil himself.

the exorcist

5. “The Shining” is a masterpiece, when it comes to scary movies. Moreover, Jack Nicholson plays the leading male role. The film is Stanly Kubrick’s adaption over Stephen King’s novel.

the shining

6. Revenge and murders – this is all about the movie “Halloween”. It is recommendable to not watch it alone, for it is a really frightening movie.



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