1. George Clooney – Bachelor Style

Italy is the best country for a super famous and sexy actor such as George Clooney. His home in Como, near the famous Como Lake in Italy represents a typical style of a single man. Motorcycles, expensive boats and contemporary furniture are part of this beautiful villa near the lake.

george clooney

2.Mark Anthony And Jennifer Lopez – Big Family Meets Diva Demands

J. Lo will never live in something ordinary. Her family home is luxury, huge, impressive and mostly- glamorous. Her home costs nearly $20 million and it is equipped with 9 bedrooms, home theater and cinema.

mark anthony & jennifer lopez

3. Oprah Winfrey – Can You Say: Old School?

Oprah surely likes huge and comfortable homes. This one is one of her eight homes as the price of it is $50 million. Only her gatehouse is 2,000-square-foot. The furniture and the style are country, for Oprah loves the old school décor.

oprah winfrey

4. Beyonce – Surprising Style And Common Sense

The singer loves Miami. Therefore, her condo is exactly in Miami as it is equipped with anything a star would want – huge pool, contemporary furniture, privacy and a studio. Her home is said to be not so expensive – only $500,000.



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