1. Jack Dawson And Rose Dewitt Bukater

The couple from Titanic has made a real furor on the screen. A rich young girl falls in love to a simple painter on the board of Titanic. Of course the Titanic has to sink, therefore their love is eternal. Yet, the coolest love story on the screen.

romantic couples in the movies 1

2. Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) And Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale)

The Serendipity is all about the destiny. Therefore, the movie spoke too many – especially those that didn’t believe in fate. Jonathan and Sara passed through many things before meeting each other and understanding they are exactly the perfect match.

romantic couples in the movies 2

3. Danielle De Barbarac And Prince Henry

Danielle and Prince Henry were the famous heroes of a generation, simply because they were in love and they face lots of difficulties, before to reach a good end. A medieval Cinderella was even more romantic in this version of Grimm brothers’ fairytale.

romantic couples in the movies 3

4. Ali MacGraw And Oliver Barrett IV

These two were called the modern Romeo and Juliet and this wasn’t a lie. Just watch the movie again and you will find out it’s far better than the modern love stories.

romantic couples in the movies 4

5. Harry Tasker And Helen Tasker

True lies’ couple was not the most seductive but it was both lovable and amusing and the combination made them memorable.

romantic couples in the movies 5

6. Sam Baldwin And Annie Reed

These two fall in love literately on the radio; therefore Sleepless in Seattle was a movie that made even the loneliest people optimistic about their own life.

romantic couples in the movies 6

7. Johnny and Baby

Dirty Dancing was a movie that made a real love revolution. It impressed its fans with its romantic love story about a rich girl that falls in love in her dancing trainer in spite of all odds and judgment. Happy ending here and a new way of dancing launched.

romantic couples in the movies 7


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