1. Ashley Simpson

celebrity plastic surgery

It is obvious that her surgery is more than successful. Now Jessica Simpson’s sister looks far better than before.

2. Salma Hayek

celebrity plastic surgery

No one can really say that she wasn’t beautiful before the plastic surgery she got, but the result is stunning. Therefore, Salma is still one of the most beautiful Hollywood women even over 40.

3. Victoria Beckham


Now she is a fashion icon and her name is synonym with beauty and classy, which isn’t only by nature. Whatever she does to her face, or breasts makes sense, for now she looks even younger than before.

4. Cher

celebrity plastic surgery

Age never did matter for Cher, but ever since she changed her face significantly, her career changed for good. Nowadays she is still pretty, despite her age.

5. Michelle Pfeiffer

celebrity plastic surgery

She has always been almost perfect, but after reaching 50, Michelle needed something to keep her beauty. Her plastic surgery was worth it, for now Michelle is still one of the most impressive women in Hollywood.

6. Kate Winslet

plastic surgery

She is known for being too curvy and very few people would guess she also had a surgery, but that’s the fact. Her plastic surgery was also successful, now her face looks refined and refreshed.

7. Paris Hilton

plastic surgery

Her surgery really makes sense. Now Paris’s nose is almost with a classy shape and her cheeks are changed and improved. Not to mention the silicone breast implants that came as a sexiness addition.


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