The “Avatar” adventure brought 3D in the entertainment movie world and for sure it is not something that can be equaled easily. Cartoons on the other hand can be a sure way to bring 3D entertainment closer and in the same time they can make from the cinema a true experience both kids and grown ups can enjoy.

Here are the most successful attempts of 3D manifestation in the cartoon world of the 2010.

1. Alpha And Omega

alpha and omega

“Alpha and Omega” is surely an adventure to be enjoyed by everyone. “Pawsome” as it is described, brought in a true movie designed to accompany the best of 3D in movement and reaction.

2. How To Train Your Dragon

how to train your dragon

The whole screenplay concept promised just another dragon cartoon movie. Instead they brought in a super cool adventure where flight and fight could be enjoyed perfectly exactly because of the wonderful 3D.

3. Shrek – The Final Chapter

shrek the final chapter

The trials and tribulation of a Shrek tired to be a husband and a dad, were far better looking and funnier to enjoy because of the 3D technology. It really was a treat to see the beloved characters so much alive .

4. Toy Story 3D

toy story 3d

The adventures of Andy’s toys were smartly figured out to align with the new technology. The trend surely created the opportunity for golden classics to meet the new rave of the new cartoon design. Still they were different but equally funny.


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