1. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s label L.A.M.B. is now popular, not to mention praised as the best, when it comes to bohemian chic. The fashion label is not only famous; it is already a fashion company that can be compared only to the biggest names in the branch.

gwen stefani

2. Nicole Richie

House of Harlow 60 is named after Nicole’s daughter and so far, it is one of the elite Hollywood labels. The outfits are hand-made and boutique, which means Nicole, is offering real luxury clothing to her celebrity clients. One of her most faithful clients is the millionaire heiress Paris Hilton.

nicole richie

3. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller surely knows what is style and elegance. She has been called a modern icon of the century and her label – Twenty8Twelve is just an example that she understands luxury items and clothing. Her label is extremely famous in London, where the actress is living.

sienna miller

4. Olsen Sisters

Olsen sisters are perhaps one of the most successful actresses turned to designers. Their fashion label Elizabeth & James is now extremely popular and the Olsen sisters are opening their fashion stores even in Europe.

olsen sisters


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