1. Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman & Tagheuer

A classy label requires classy actors as their face. Therefore, the watches of TagHeuer are so popular: Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman wear them.

brad pitt & uma thurman

2. Paris Hilton And BBQ Burger

We didn’t expected that she can be good for commercializing burgers, but the surprising fact is Paris did made the BBQ burger even more famous. The commercial with her presence has become super popular, maybe because she is wearing nothing but her swimsuit.

paris hilton

3. Sarah Jessica Parker & Coca Cola Light

The Company wanted urban chic and look, Sarah Jessica Parker got it. Therefore, she did one of the most successful commercials in the history of Coca Cola.

sarah jessica parker

4. George Clooney & Nespresso

George Clooney’s choice is Nespresso, which is actually very good choice, when it comes to Italian coffee.

george clooney

5. Rihanna & Gucci

Gucci has always been a company that chooses carefully their face. In this case, Rihanna is their latest and very successful addition.


6. Beyonce & L’Oreal

We have seen Beyonce in many commercials, but L`Oreal is probably one of her tops.


7. Madonna& Louis Vuitton

She was 50, when she did the commercial for Louis Vuitton. So far, this commercial is praised as the best in the genre.



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