1. Samuel L. Jackson – Maybach 57 S

The actor loves fast rides and he is famous that he doesn’t spare money to get the latest super speed toys on the road. His ride is Maybach 57 S. It is a classy and very fast model, which can be found for more than $ 1 million, depending on the extras. White is also the favorite color of Samuel, when it comes to cars.

samuel l. jackson

2. Ashley Tisdale – Range Rover Suv

Ashley did choose a comfortable jeep. Her Range Rover is now a common mark, but it is still classy and speedy.

ashley tisdale

3.Paris Hilton – Mercedes Benz SLR

She likes anything that shines. Her cars are always encrusted with crystals and diamonds, typically pink ones, for it is her favorite color. Paris has plenty of cars, all of them expensive, but this Mercedes Benz SLR is really her best car. It is classy and super luxurious.

paris hilton

4. Dita Von Teese -BWM Z4 Roadster

She likes luxury items; therefore her car looks like a diamond. Her BWM is created to please all her needs and moreover – it is encrusted with diamonds. The model costs more than $ 2 million, but it is obviously that Dita can afford it.

dita von teese

5. Fergie – H2 Hummer

Fergie didn’t care about the price, when she ordered this super expensive toy. Her H2 Hummer is created only for her, as she ordered special makeup on it.


6. Halle Berry – Lexus

One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood has chosen the car that suits her fine: Lexus. According to the car experts, this is the car that combines super luxury and good speed. Moreover, Halle Berry’s car isn’t even that expensive. She bought it as an ordinary citizen in a Lexus’s store.

halle berry

7. George Clooney – Tango 600

Tango 600 is surely the car that fits George Clooney’s needs. Therefore, the actor possesses this boutique model. So far, he is the only owner of this luxury and unique ride.

george clooney

8. Kim Kardashian – Black Bentley Continental GTC

Kim likes it big. Therefore, her Bentley Continental GTC is perfect for her. The car was created especially for her as her initials can be seen at the seats of the Bentley.

kim kardashian

9. Michael C Hall – W8 Passat

VW Passat may look like a universal car, but Michael C Hall wants it solid and comfortable. His choice isn’t exactly luxury, but it is the most practical one compared to the other Hollywood stars.

michael c hall


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