1. Columbo


Any policeman’s dream is to become Columbo. The famous TV show is all about one policeman that always stands against the bad guys and solves all kind of mysteries.

2. Miami Vice

miami vice

Being a detective can be fun, especially in Miami. Therefore, this TV show had a lot of success, not to mention it was comic and funny most of the time.

3. Law and order

law and order

One of the oldest TV shows represents a really inner sight in the police of nowadays. The show is all about solving difficult cases and not to mention, it asks some bitter questions about the reality we are living in.

4. In plain sight

in plain sight

This is one of the newest TV shows that shows the police from another point of view.


ncis tv show

This is surely a show for people with iron nerves. Each of the episodes starts with a dead body, but what is more important to say, at the end – there is always a bad guy beaten by the law.

6. Fringe


Strange, mystical and interesting, this TV show has set a new vision of the modern police. Fringe solves all the cases that nobody is able to do; therefore this TV show is praised for being one of the best.


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