1. Christina Aguilera And Jordan Bratman

christina aguilera

They spent only 5 years together and they are now divorcing. Obviously they couldn’t handle a career and a family. The reason for their breakup remains unknown.

2. Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes

kate winslet

She have won an Oscar, he produced her career- this was a good relation for Kate. Yet, they separated and Sam has already found a new person in his life. Kate is said to move on and now dates a model.

3. Courteney Cox and David Arquette

courteney cox

They shared 11 years of family happiness and were called one of the most charming couples in Hollywood. This year they broke up saying they have differences, but remain friends because of their child.

4. Thomas Jane And Patricia Arquette

thomas jane

The couple spent many happy years together, but recently they are facing divorce. Patricia is now single lady. No one really knows the reason why these two are split, only the rumors say he cheated.

5. Charlize Theron And Stuart Townsend

charlize theron

They lived together for nearly 9 years. She loved him very much and she didn’t miss any chance to show it. This year things between them have changed. The result is their breakup. There are no comments about it, but it is already a fact.

6. Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry

halle berry

Halle doesn’t have luck, when it comes to men. She and the father of her child Gabriel Aubry broke up over main differences. Nowadays they remain close friends for the sake of their daughter.

7. Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt

paris hilton

No one expected that Doug will remain in Paris’ life. Yet, their breakup was all over in the yellow magazines.

8. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

jim carrey

These two were one of the most commented couples in Hollywood. They spent nearly 5 years together; the split came in a friendly way. Months after the break up, Jenny admitted he doesn’t make her laugh anymore. So far, Jim keeps a smile on his face. She is moving on.

9. Tim Robbins And Susan Sarandon

tim robbins

Their breakup was more than surprising, because their marriage was considered as the most solid one in Hollywood. Tim Robbins and Susan spent nearly 20 years together. The reason is the usual one- differences. Yet, no one of them has spoken about it, maybe because they still respect each other. Yet, their breakup was significant and once again, it shows that nothing lasts forever, especially in Hollywood.


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