TV has been a “God like presence” in our world messing with our daily timetable and creating stars out of nobodies. During the years, a few TV shows completely changed the concept of TV and created a pattern that resulted into what we watch today.

1. I love Lucy

The most notorious TV show in the history of black and white television, this was the tone of voice setter for the sitcoms type of Seinfeld.

i love lucy

The very cute Lucy and her slightly overstressed husband were for 6 years the heart of America as fun and laughter were concerned.

2. M.A.S.H

The Vietnam war and the condemned US presence there were sweetened in one of the first TV series “with doctors” which began the trend of complicated relationships and straight up humor inside a TV show imitating reality.


3. The Simpsons

When they came to existence, the TV shows have not yet met the cartoons able to imitate and reproduce the typical American family with all the problems and craze that came with it.

the simpsons

The power and fun that this TV show generated, conquered adults and kids alike.

4. Twin Peaks

The most notorious starter of TV shows with a supernatural factor, Twin Peaks was the show that gave horror and thrills a completely different meaning.

twin peaks

The characters haunted the imaginations of the viewers long after the show has ended.

5. Friends

“Friends” is the TV show that pushed actors to a high scale of celebrity. Notorious for the great fun and cute events it presented but also for the wide message of how important is the friendship this was the show that initiated the trend of TV shows filled with young people.


6. The Sopranos

The Italian Mafia was always in trend as TV topics go, but the Soprano clan was the center of a TV show that stayed with the public for a very long time. Part strange, part thrilling, part funny, “the Sopranos” was something else in the history of TV.

the sopranos

7. X-Files

The “alien among us” trend and the highly mentioned theory of conspiracy made the Twin Peaks a hit and created a new trend in the TV shows world. Spectacular and intriguing this TV show was one of the best rated.


8. Survivor

The adventurer type seems to be very popular in the world of TV. The many occasions when it was approached it was a hit. Survivor is the TV show testing the skills of human beings and all the conflicts, challenges and wonderful adventures of the heroes.


9. 24

The police type of thriller is surely famous and “24” combined it with political issues, conspiracy and amazing action. The show is spectacular because of the speed of the occurring events and is surely something else.


10. Lost

“Lost” redefined completely the world of TV shows. Supernatural meets adventure meets life like situations made out of it a TV hit that will be remembered forever as a peak of TV audience.



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