1. Paul Mccartney And Heather Mills

This divorce wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy, mostly because Sir McCartney is known as one of the wealthiest men on the planet. Therefore, his now ex wife Heather did her best to divorce with dignity. Her dignity had cost nearly $60 million plus a residence.

paul mccartney & heather mills

2. Michael Douglas And Diandra Douglas

They still argue about the value of this divorce, but Diandra is said to be very lucky woman as she got $45 million and a residence in Beverly Hills just from her divorce with Michael Douglas.

michael douglas & diandra douglas

3. James Cameron And Linda Hamilton

He got nearly $100 million of Titanic; she took the half of them of their divorce. The Terminator actress is now a very rich woman and surprisingly, her ex- husband and she kept a close relationship.

james cameron & linda hamilton

4. Harrison Ford And Melissa Mathison

Their marriage seemed to be one of the most solid in Hollywood. The couple got married in 1983 and no one really believed they will get a divorce. This happened in 2004, when Harrison fell in love to his now current wife.

harrison ford & melissa mathison

Melissa obviously didn’t like his decision; therefore she made sure it is an expensive decision of his. Melissa Mathison is said to have taken nearly $80 millions from him.

5. Madonna And Guy Ritchie

These two were the most commented couple on the Earth and their divorce wasn’t expected, just because they seemed to be in love, but the Material Girl knows love doesn’t last an eternity in spite that her husband was also rich.

madonna & guy ritchie

Therefore, their divorce settlement wasn’t very easy, because Madonna paid Guy around $90 million and this is the largest divorce settlement paid by a female divorcee. Madonna was also very generous as she left the English manor to her ex husband.

6. Steven Spielberg And Amy Irving

Being the wife of such a famous director and producer isn’t easy and costs a lot. Amy knows this, therefore when the couple divorced she took $100 millions.

steven spielberg & amy lrving

According to their prenuptial agreement this is exactly the right sum that she deserves.

7. Michael and Juanita Jordan

Juanita Jordan filed for a divorce last year and so far their settlement is pending, but it is already said she will take half of anything the basketball player earned over the years of their marriage.

michael & juanita jordan

According to some sources, the figure will be at least $150 million.


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